Frequently Asked Questions

Property appraisal is a process that evaluates the fair market value of the property. It is important that you get the estimate of the worth of the property before buying, selling or financing it.

Standard lease periods are generally either 6 or 12 months. A longer validity of a lease is subject to the agreement between the home owner and the tenant.

Digital inspections allow real estate agents to show videos – shot professionally or via smart phone walk-throughs to the potential renters or buyers instead of a physical inspection of the property.

Most homes are sold by private sale or auction.

Our agents will advise you, clear all your confusions and help you through the paperwork.

The First Home Owner Grant (scheme) is offered by state and territory governments. It was established to assist the eligible first home owners to purchase or build their first home by offering a cash grant. The grant amount is determined by the date of the eligible transaction and each state has different rules and regulations.

How much rent can I receive for my property?

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